Students’ Union of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design.

FSU InDi is the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design. Our one common goal and desire is to create and to improve; this purpose unites the most active designers, engineers and mechanics students who are the most interested in working for the benefit of other students.
The young, cheerful and full of new ideas InDi team is ready to help you, answer your questions. If you want to chat with us, simply come for a cup of tea.

Our goal is to represent our Faculty students and their interests, to help them with academic and social issues, to take care of their leisure time and to properly represent our Faculty. We will be glad to help you get all the relevant information and hope you will have a great free time after lectures at InDi events.

InDi was established not long ago, in 2014. When the KTU faculties were merged, the Students’ Unions merged, too. Three teams – International Studies Center (FSA TSC), Students’ Union of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mechatronics FSA MESA and Students’ Union of the Faculty of Design and Technology FSA DiDi – started working in order to create InDi. They created new guidelines for their activities, set mutual goals and founded the event uniting everyone, Industry Days. This is where the name of the new Union came from – InDi.


Studentų g. 56, LT-51424 Kaunas
tel. (8-684) 32896
e. p.




FSU Team
Augustinas Amulis Chairman FSU management, representation at the University’s governing bodies. +37065518925
Ugnė Vaitiekutė Academic Processes Observation of academic processes
at the faculty, studies related questions. +37067436061
Mantas Strazdas Social Matters Implementation of social actions and projects. Questions
related to scholarships and dormitories. +37063355345
Justė Bukauskytė Administrator Administration of FSU documents
and accounts. +37067974459
Elvinas Urbonavičius Quality Management Committee Supervision and analysis of Committees work, improvement of competences of FSU members. +37067675271
Linas Milkevičius Human Resources Organisation of trainings,
search of human resources within FSU. +37067802823
Arnas Pilvelis Business Projects Relations with the business sector. +37062125223
Augustė Tarabildaitė Information and Public Relations Dissemination of information,
administration of FSU page and social networks. +37065518877
Deividas Šulcas Organisational Matters Organisation and supervision
of events and activities. +37067086695
Abhishek Ghosh International Students’ Affairs Representation of international students study processes and accomondation. +37066210015