KTU SA live reporting-electing conference: student representatives for KTU Senate and Council, the new president of the organization, and the Control Committee have been elected

Important | 2022-04-13

A year after the reporting-elective conference of 2021, it is time for everyone to collect again, but in person this time, instead of online, in the KTU Santaka Valley. During the conference, the financial activity reports of Kristė Skaudaitė’s KTU team were presented. After that, representatives presented themselves and ran for the KTU SA Senate and Control Committee positions, and of course, the new KTU SA president was elected – Danas Černeckas.


As is tradition, the reporting-elective conference started with a greeting from Rector Eugenijus Valatka, which was continued by KTU Vice-Rector for Studies Jonas Čeponis. We also heard a speech from the Lithuanian National Union of Students’ president – Vytautas Kučinskas. Guests congratulated Kristė’s team, thanked them for all the things they’ve achieved and for maintaining composed, wishing the new team initiative and a good upcoming year.


In her yearly activity report, Kristė presented what she and her team performed during the term. The President was glad of her teams’ accomplishments, active participation in various activities, their solutions to relevant problems, and collaboration with other students’ associations.

Also, the financial report for the 2021 03 27 – 2022 04 01 period was presented during the conference. This year the inflow of the Central Bureau reached 100000 euros, while the collective inflow reached over 170 thousand euros. As is usual, the largest financial investment this year was the Welcome Week with 14 thousand euros. In total, over 24 thousand euros were spent on events, while training took up over 5 thousand.


After Kristė’s reports, the Control Committee had their say, presenting the results and recommendations of their 2021-2022 activity period. The Committee praised the work done by KTU SA, higher quality activity plans, newsletter initiatives, and representation of the organization on a national level. Of course, the Control Committee did not spare recommendations as well on how KTU SA could work more efficiently.


After the delegates confirmed all reports, the second part of the conference started – the presentations of candidates for the positions of KTU Senators, Councilmembers, KTU SA Control Committee, and President.


After motivating presentations by the candidates and question-answer sessions these people were elected to the Senate:

Evelina Stonkutė

Giedrė Grigonytė

Ignas Galicinas

Lina Morkūnaitė

Marija Kudabaitė

Matas Grigošaitis

Paulina Kornijevskytė

Skaistė Paškauskaitė

Ugnė Orinaitė


Augustas Baltrėnas was elected for a five-year term in the highest governing body of the University, the KTU Council.


This year two people ran for the Control Committee, but after voting, only two were elected:

Augustinas Butkus

Kotryna Kanapkaitė

Because of this reason, an extraordinary reporting-electing conference will be held.


Finally, it was time for Danas Černeckas to present themselves and their team. Danas talked about his goals for the upcoming term, which areas he will focus on, and what initiatives he will take to achieve his goals. More about Danas’ areas of activity and goals can be found here.

Six hours after the beginning of the reporting-electing conference, the new KTU SA president was elected, and this year the organization will be led by Danas.

We would like to thank Kristė and her previous team for a great year, responsible work, and dedication to the KTU SA community. And we wish a productive and fun year for the KTU Central Bureau!