Members of KTU SA expanded their knowledge during the “Act” training

Important | 2019-06-13

On the 8th and 9th of June, KTU SA coordinators participated in the “Act” training sessions, organised by the Lithuanian National Union of Students (LSS). This event took place in the Innovators’ Valley. The aim of this training was to improve the skills of committee coordination and shape the leaders of the future. A particular focus was placed on the image of self-government as well as representation and teamwork, and separate lectures were dedicated to the improvement of the competencies for separate committees.

The first day of “Act” training sessions was oriented towards general topics relevant to all the committees. Artūras Šaltis spoke of the influence of self-government on the decision-making process of higher education institutions, Raimonda Smailytė discussed the image of a student representative, and Robertas Rožinskas detailed the meaning of a team, as well as the achievement of shared goals. In the evening all the participants were invited to a hike, which was concluded by a lecture and discussion on the meaning and point of representation, moderated by Paulius Baltokas.

During the second day, the participants attended the lectures regarding the activities of their particular committees in the Student’s Association (social and academic affairs, marketing, public relations, projects, human resources, administration). Some of the discussed topics include effective communication within the organisation, a system of internal and external study quality assurance, and the development of leadership and values. The participants were able to share their experiences with other self-governments in working groups, solve issues and look for answers to their questions together.

The speakers of the training sessions were the alumni of KTU SA, VU SA, VDU SA, LSS and other self-governments, many of them having jobs related to the specialisations acquired in their committees.