New President of KTU SA has been elected

Important | 2019-04-08

An electing-reporting conference of Kaunas University of Technology Students’ Union has taken place on March 30th. During the conference, the previous president Lukas Kijauskas has presented annual financial and performance reports, additionally, students-senators, supervisory committee members and a new KTU SA president, Augustinas Laimonas Bytautas, were elected.

“Students’ Union is a crucial and immense movement. I can hardly imagine a strong university without the help of the Students’ Union.” University’s rector Eugenijus Valatka has opened the conference with a welcoming speech.

Two candidates have applied for the presidential post of KTU Students’ Union. A third-year student of New Media Language – Augustinas Laimonas Bytautas – aims to publicly represent KTU SA’s position supported by students needs’ analysis, and to propose inner changes in the organization which will ensure transparency and effective governance. His priority is publicity and communication inside and outside KTU SA as well as the satisfaction of student and organization members’ needs.

“I would like to thank you all for trusting me. Don’t forget to talk to us and with each other, and keep in mind what we promised to do. Do not forget and remind us. While today’s a celebration, we’ll begin seeking for the best results tomorrow.” the new president of KTU SA Augustinas Laimonas Bytautas cheerfully stated.

The administration of the Kaunas University of Technology, representatives from KTU Department of Student Affairs, Kauno kolegija, Klaipėda University, Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuanian National Union of Students, and KTU SA alumni have also participated in the electing-reporting conference.

Supervisory committee members and students-senators were also elected during the event. Members elected to the supervisory committee are Indrė Gineitaitė, Pijus Grigaliūnas, Dovydas Japertas, Adriana Lavrukaitytė, Algimantas Šilkūnas. Additionally, Samanta Bulaivaitė, Jovita Burokaitė, Joana Jasilionytė, Tomas Jonušas, Akvilė Montrimaitė, Giedrius Požerskas, Kristė Skaudaitė, Marta Talandytė, and Jolita Kriščiūnaitė have become KTU students-senators.

During the Parliament session on April 8th, the president’s team has also been confirmed. The praesidium is now constructed of:

Augustinas Laimonas Bytautas – president

Samanta Bulovaitė – quality management

Giedrius Požerskas – organizational matters

Mantas Mazys – business projects

Simona Jakaitė – dormitory matters

Greta Labukaitė – administrative matters and LSP matters

Joana Jasilionytė – academic processes

Kristina Rušytė – public relations

Kornelija Šabanauskaitė – social affairs

Viltė Raudoniūtė – communications

Augustas Baltrėnas – human resources management

Akvilė Montrimaitė – international students’ representative