Students’ Union of School of Economics and Business.

VFSA (formerly V.F.S.A.) dates back to 1968 when the Student Union of the Faculty of Engineering Economics of Antanas Sniečkus Polytechnic Institute was founded. But we are not that old and we count only the 24th year (since the founding of 1993). The first Chairman we know about is Linas Leonovas, who chaired the Union’s Board from 1997 to 1999.
During his term, two Faculty’s Students’ Unions – V.F.S.A. and RAFES – together organised one of the largest events of KTU SU, RAFES Festival.

Currently, the School of Economics and Business Students’ Union VFSA, which has over than 60 members, is very proud of its series of seminars “Veik. Valdyk. Vadovauk.” on the topic of business and management, which have attracted more than 500 participants in the last year.


K. Donelaičio g. 20, LT-44239 Kaunas
tel. (8-37) 300598
e. p. vfsa@ktusa.lt




 FSU Team
Guoda Domskytė Chairman FSU management, representation at the University’s governing bodies. guoda.domskyte@ktu.edu +37063652349
Gabija Dzikevičiūtė Academic Processes Observation of academic processes
at the faculty, studies related questions.
gabija.dzikeviciute@ktu.edu +37063521442
Karolina Morkūnaitė Social Matters Implementation of social actions and projects. Questions
related to scholarships and dormitories.
karolina.morkunaite@ktu.edu +37067123622
Saulė Ruškytė Administrator Administration of FSU documents
and accounts.
saule.ruskyte@ktu.edu +37069961200
Edita Nanartonytė Quality Management Committee Supervision and analysis of Committees work, improvement of competences of FSU members. edita.nanartonyte@ktu.edu +37062531480
Augustė Statkevičiūtė Human Resources Organisation of trainings,
search of human resources within FSU.
auguste.statkeviciute@ktu.edu +37063090290
Saulė Ruškytė Business Projects Relations with the business sector. saule.ruskyte@ktu.edu +37069961200
Beatričė Redkinaitė Information and Public Relations Dissemination of information,
administration of FSU page and social networks.
beatrice.redkinaite@ktu.edu +37061319819
Dominykas Auksutis Organisational Matters OrganiSation and supervision
of events and activities.
dominykas.auksutis@ktu.edu +37063521442