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Kaunas University of Technology Students’ Association

This is one of the largest and the most progressive organisations throughout Lithuania uniting active, responsible and proactive students, who want and can represent the interests of all the students of the University, deal with emerging issues. The members of the KTU Students’ Association through their activities and involvement into the University’s life acquire valuable skills and competences.


The main activity of KTU SA is to represent the students in all the aspects of University life and in the Lithuanian Students‘ Union.
If you have any serious concerns, do not hesitate to contact us – your wellbeing is important to us.
We will stand for you because we know exactly what are the student rights, duties and opportunities at the University.


Every KTU student is an active and creating citizen, responsible leader of society.


Caring about students’ interests and cooperating with the University’s community and its external partners, KTU SA initiates changes that promote improvement, tolerant environment, equality and full self-expression.


Responsibility, Leadership, Community, Initiative, Honesty, Openness.


Members of KTU SA may be accredited students of KTU or joint study programmes who have citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania or who live in the Republic of Lithuania. More information about KTU SA membership and membership of KTU SA bodies is set out in the KTU SA Statutes, which can be found here.

KTU SA consists of 9 Faculty Students’ Associations (FSA). Each of them has its own members, events and traditions. In most cases, Faculty Students’ Association is the first intermediary between the student and the Faculty administration. They are students who introduce freshmen to the University life by mentoring first-year students’ academic groups, by organising camps and freshmen welcoming meetings.

FSA is a place which students can always turn to whenever they have any concerns, for example, disagreements with teachers or study problems. It is also a place for those, who just have a lot of ideas that FSA can help realise.

The first President and the founder of KTU Students’ Association was Aušrys Kriščiūnas (aka Tynta) in1993–1995. The Association was established during the transitional period of Lithuanian history, when an empty space for students’ initiatives appeared and everything started with students events. The first and the only Lithuanian student festival in Kapitoniškės took place at that time.

The first President of KTU Students’ Association, who later became the president of Lithuanian National Union of Students, was Svajūnas Jakutis. During 1997–1999, while leading KTU Students’ Association, he contributed to serious changes for Lithuanian students.

KTU Students’ Association, the largest student organisation in Kaunas, was established in 1993 and acquired legal status of a public organisation on 17 July 1997.

Under the leadership of Jakutis, after the change of laws, the organisation was re-registered. At that time, great team was brought together, organising numerous seminars, conferences and meetings. The real mission of the organisation was comprehended, the objectives were streamlined and the ways to achieve them were established.

More about the history of KTU Students’ Association – here.

To ensure student representation based on their needs:

  • To represent students in the University decision-making processes
  • To represent students at regional, national and international level
  • To initiate changes that promote improvement

To create an accessible and inclusive social environment for each University community member:

  • To provide opportunities that encourage students’ social responsibility based on the principles of volunteering
  • To foster the idea of a united and loyal community
  • To increase students’ involvement in activities organised by the University
  • To shape the environment that promotes tolerance, equality and full self-expression

To ensure that KTU SA activities are efficient and of high quality:

  • To ensure effective coordination of KTU SA activities
  • To improve the decision-making process based on the principles of democracy and the analysis of current situation
  • To carry out an effective and efficient communication inside and outside the organisation
  • To foster culture, traditions and values of the organisation


K.Donelaičio Street 73, LT-44029 Kaunas



For Elders

The Elder is the voice of an academic group. This person must represent the interests of his / her academic group in meetings with Students’ Association, Faculty Administration, during the round table meetings and focus groups. This position is very influential in creating better study environment, as Elders help the University, its community and Students’ Association to improve.

Duties and election procedure of Elders:
– Regulations
– Protocol of elders

For students

Information about Lithuanian Student Identity Card (LSIC), volunteering, international projects, documents, etc.

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