Students’ Union of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

STATIUS – Students’ Union of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture already exists for 33 years. It is one of the oldest Faculty Students’ Unions at KTU. STATIUS is proud of its events “Statybininkų dienos”, “Gitarų vakaras”, “Lazirintas”. These events have earned STATIUS high profile in the University and beyond. In order to properly represent the students of their faculty, each year STATIUS members raise their competences in Estonia, where they participate in various seminars, competitions and share experience with the members of the Students’ Unions of technology universities abroad.

Upon founding the Union, Žygimantas Rudžionis, together with one of his peers, thought: we need to establish a students’ union of the Faculty, but first, we need to come up with a name. There is citius, altius, fortius, what could be better than all the three combined?
In this what the name of STATIUS that has already been existing for 33 years, was conceived. It is one of the oldest KTU Faculty Students’ Unions, which sustains the oldest and most solid traditions.


Studentu g. 48 g. , LT-51367 Kaunas
tel. (8-37) 300969
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FSA Team
Arnas Bartkevičius Chairman FSA management, representation at the University’s governing bodies. +370 61192496
Arnas Bartkevičius Academic processes Improvement of the study process, by collecting students’ opinions and representing students’ interests in meetings with the administration and the University’s governing bodies. Consulting on academic and study issues. +370 61192496
Vitalijus Sutuginas International Students’ Affairs Representation of international students on study and accommodation questions; help with their integration into the University’s academic community. +370 69164623
Rokas Aleksa Social Matters Faculty’s group elder and peer mentor activity coordination, questions related to scholarships and infrastructural needs. +370 60400365
Jokūbas Krukauskas Administrator Ensuring a smooth and systematic accomplishment of all administrational tasks. +370 60483209
Paulius Narmontas Quality Management Committee Committee activity monitoring and analysis, coordination of students’ representatives’ activities. +370 66290866
Žygaudas Griškonis Human Resources Member planning, retention, new member attraction and integration, their competence improvement, the maintenance of a connection with Alumni, ensuring a good atmosphere, team forming, and internal event organization. +370 62358694
Mantas Budrys Business Projects Connection to the business sector, search of partners for scholarships and improvement of the University’s infrastructure. +370 60793341
Eglė Liubancaitė Information and Public Relations Information dissemination, FSA page, and social media administration. FSA image creation in the public’s perception. +370 66245685
Gabrielė Gvazdauskaitė Organisational Matters Project submission, the search for external financing sources, event monitoring, and technical fulfillment. +370 64185161