Students’ Union of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

In 2014, while implementing the essential reforms at the University, which involved merging of faculties of similar fields, two Faculty Students’ Unions – RAFES and Endi – were also merged. In order to have a strong, representative Students’ Union in the newly created Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, it was decided to create a new Union and to elect its Chairman with the help of the Elders. The election was tense and full of unexpected events. After the official report-election conference, newly elected team of FSU, whose name had not been defined yet, set the goals and tasks for the coming year and started the hard work. A new page was opened for a new organisation that has received the name ESA over time. ESA is sustaining the old traditions, while creating the new ones and implementing them for future generations.


Studentų g. 50, LT-51368 Kaunas
tel. (8-684) 32778
e. p.




 FSA Team

Danas Černeckas Chairman FSA management, representation at the University’s governing bodies. +370 654 86 217
Matas Grigošaitis Academic processes Observation of academic processes
at the faculty, studies related questions. +370 676 03 745
Juozas Šaulys International Students’ Affairs Representation of international students study processes and accomondation. +370 636 84 545
Aistė Jočytė Social Matters Implementation of social actions and projects. Questions
related to scholarships and dormitories. +370 691 94 943
Gytis Nadvaravičius Administrator Administration of FSU documents
and accounts. +370 684 22 136
Matas Stašaitis Quality Management Committee Supervision and analysis of Committees work, improvement of competences of FSU members. +370 676 76 917
Marijus Novikovas Human Resources Organisation of trainings,
search of human resources within FSU. +370 602 98 488
Marius Uogintas Business Projects Relations with the business sector. +370 685 08 836
Sofija Jurgionytė Information and Public Relations Dissemination of information,
administration of FSU page and social networks. +370 602 86 530
Beatričė Gundė Jasinevičiūtė Organisational Matters Organisation and supervision
of events and activities. +370 628 48 225